Gina Mei
Updated May 04, 2015 @ 2:42 pm

Gary, an 8-week-old kitten born with facial markings that make him look perpetually perturbed, has officially won the Internet’s heart. Dubbed “Concerned Kitten,” the cat from Bolton, England has two perfect black lines over his eyes that resemble eyebrows permanently arched in empathy — and we’re totally in love with him.

“When he was born there were just these two little black blotches on his forehead,” Andy Entwistle, one of Gary’s owners, told the Daily Mail. “As he grew they got bigger and started to spread out. We started saying how confused he looked so I penned him ‘Concerned Kitten’ and it’s just stuck.”

Basically, he’s the perfect companion to tell your problems to or watch scary movies with, and we can’t get enough of his sweet little face. Gary was one of a litter of four from Andy and Caroline Entwistle’s two-year-old cat, Luna — and while they originally hadn’t intended to keep any of the kittens, they couldn’t resist Gary and his adorable sister, Amy (who has mobility issues).

Of course, “Concerned Kitten” needed a worthy and appropriate real name, so Andy and Caroline decided to name him after Gary Barlow (from the UK boy band, Take That).

“His eyebrows move all over the place when he’s singing so Andy decided it was the perfect name for our kitten,” Caroline told the Bolton News.

Gary is already becoming a fast sensation for his decidedly unusual facial markings — and, in case you were wondering, Andy and Caroline insist the kitten’s eyebrows aren’t drawn on. Gary’s mom Luna is a Dalmatian cat (white with black spots), and Gary just happened to get some very unique markings of his own (along with his brows, he has a black tail).

“But if anyone doesn’t believe it, we’re happy to try and rub them off,” Caroline told the Daily Mail. “They’re not going anywhere!”

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(Images via Facebook.)