Rachel Paige
Updated August 05, 2015 4:08 am

You can read all of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books, but that still might not prepare you for a day in the life the Night’s Watch. Know what will? A class taught entirely about what it was like to forge swords, fight with swords, battle outsiders, and survive off of the landscape. Sign us up and pack your bags because we need to enroll at Seljord Folk High School in Norway.

The school there is offering a brand new class in Vikings. Yes, Vikings. Vikings and the Night’s Watch have loads in common, and according to Arve Husby’s, Seljord Folk principal, ever since the start of the show more students are suddenly interested in Vikings. Why just have them read about Vikings in books, when you could actually learn how to make your own sword (and then fight off some White Walkers).

Taught by huge Game of Thrones fan, Jeppe Nordmann (“You could say that I am the first Viking teacher,” he told Norway’s The Local), the class will really teach students how to forge their own sword in the school’s smithy — and a school having its own blacksmith smithy is way better than a wood-shop shop class. Students will also get to make their own viking clothing, and with layers of fur and wool everyone will be dressed more like Ygritte than Jon Snow.

Not only that, the students get to spend some of their class time out on a boat — an actual replica of a Viking boat. As it reads on Seljord Folk’s website (after I translated it from Norwegian to English), in this class, “[students] will be making the ship ready for launch, and of course take a ride on the foaming crests. If we do land cut and plunder a farm or two, only time will tell.”

But like, students probably won’t really plunder any farms, so parents, don’t freak out about that just yet.

The brand new class will be offered starting this fall. So maybe one day soon you’ll be able to tell your friends, “Yeah, I minored in Viking.”

(Image via HBO.)