If you’ve been following the saga of Arya Stark and the Faceless Man in Game of Thrones, then you are aware of her involvement with the cult (I mean, basically, right?) that brings death to those who seek it. If not, stop reading now before the spoilers ahead strike you in the eyes (sorry, I couldn’t help it)! Because a new fan theory is here, and it’s got some ideas about the mysterious Faceless Men Arya has gotten tangled up with.

So, The Lad Bible theorizes that the Faceless Men and the White Walkers are working together with the goal of killing everyone in Westeros. Here’s how they got there, using a bit from the books and some from the show.

Arya joined Jaqen H’ghar in her quest to learn to be a Faceless Man this season after he offered to assassinate three of her enemies for her in the second season. She joined the cult in order to assassinate more of her enemies with impunity, as their motto is “death is a gift, a merciful end to human suffering.” She didn’t quite understand that though, which is why she was punished so harshly at the end of season five.

While training her, H’ghar tells Arya that the very first Faceless Man arose from the slave mines of Valyria, where men would pray to their various gods to be killed and saved from their terrible conditions. This is where the idea of a Many-Faced God came from: the first Faceless Man assumed that the slaves were all praying to the same god, who had many faces. With us so far? Okay!

You remember later in season five, episode 5.05 when Tyrion Lannister and Jorah Mormont went to Valyria, we saw the fall out of the Doom of Valyria which rendered it a dead city and home to the stone men? Who could forget, it was traumatizing! The Lad Bible reminds us that many think the Doom of Valyria was caused by dragon eggs, which we always kind of thought meant hatched eggs. We may be right, since dragons breathe fire and, as they write, “there’s a theory that the Faceless Men destroyed the Valyrians who were in control of blood and fire magic” based in the show lore.

However, The Lad Bible clues us in that the books say something very different: the Faceless Men may be on the same side as the White Walkers (a.k.a. The Others).

How could that be? Well the White Walkers are trapped behind The Wall, which is made up of magical elements. Magical ice elements. It’s like rock, paper, scissors: fire destroys ice. So, if you’re willing to believe these two disparate groups have a common goal, the goal of destroying all life, then it’s not too far of a jump to think they would be working together to kill…well, everyone.

Sounds just about dark and twisty enough for Game of Thrones to us!

(Image via HBO)