Rachel Paige
September 04, 2015 1:48 pm

Game of Thrones is currently in the middle of shooting its sixth season. We know this, because we keep on learning about more and more STUFF happening on the set. Today, there’s another big casting announcement, and this one is important for where the action is going to take us next — it’s also pretty important because now it’s combining two of our favorite TV shows. UnREAL‘s Freddie Stroma has just joined the cast as Dickon.

WHO IS DICKON? Don’t worry, he’s not a character we’ve met before, but rather a brand new one with some pretty big ties to other characters. Dickon is the brother of Sam, and Sam happens to be Jon Snow’s BFF and a former member of the Night’s Watch. Last we saw Sam, he and Gilly (and little Sam) were riding away into the sunset snow for Oldtown. Sam had decided to become a maester, and that couldn’t happen at The Wall.

Very little is known about Dickon himself, aside from the fact that he’s Sam’s younger brother. He’s popped up in the books a few times, but we’ve never seen him before on Game of Thrones. Then again, the show has caught up with the book as of now, so it sounds like we’re going to get a brand new story for Dickon as it is.

No word on when Stroma will first appear as Dickon, let alone how many episodes he’ll be sticking around for. Too bad we’ll never get a guys-night-out with Sam, Dickon, and Jon Snow. OR WILL WE??

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