Briana Hansen
March 27, 2016 8:50 am

Since the beginning of the show, Game of Thrones fans have known two things to be true: 1. Anything can happen (so don’t get too attached), and 2. Winter is most definitely coming. Both those things seem to be holding up in every trailer HBO has released for the upcoming season, which begins (not soon enough) on April 24.

This latest teaser features further glimpses into the fates of some of our favorite characters, most of whom were left with cliffhanger endings (and others who had supposedly final endings we refuse to accept). But perhaps most chillingly, the latest trailer features a character we’ve started to see more and more of, The Night’s King, who basically represents the pending “winter” that everyone keeps talking about. Though we only get quick glimpses of him, it’s still enough to give us some serious heebie-jeebies.

The story of the White Walkers (who he seems to be in charge of) has been present since the very beginning, but the Night’s King has only been seen since season 4. Those of us who are just fans of the show and haven’t (yet) gotten around to reading the books, know very little about the eerie-looking character. What we know we’ve basically learned from Bran Stark’s visions and then from a the few glimpses and interactions he had in an epic battle Jon Snow and Free Folk (aka the Wildlings).

From those few interactions, we can conclude that he’s straight up terrifying. He has the ability to turn living creatures into White Walkers with a simple touch, his face and skin suggest he’s other-worldy (and a quick little search says the books estimate he’s been around for 8,000 years), and he clearly has an agenda of destruction. What that agenda is has yet to be made clear, but he is one creepy-looking character who is out for something. And he has an army of strong, fast, undead beings who are there to back him up.

Perhaps most the most nerve-wracking glimpse we got into the Night’s King during this last trailer is that he stands extremely close to fire. This significant because not only does he look as ominous as they come, but he also doesn’t seem to quiver or be scared of it at all. And, since the one of the only ways to fight a white walker we thought was with some form of fire (including dragonglass or valyrian steel), the fact that this guy is so casual about being so near to giant, burning flames makes us even more nervous about his power.


If you haven’t yet watched the full trailer, be sure to do that immediately. Endlessly starting and stopping it then searching more fan theories will help pass the time until the show finally returns.