Game of Thrones fans, be prepared to be very, very jealous. . . especially if you’re a loyal Stark fan.

Mom and registered nurse Penny Bartolomei, 61, is the creator of the coolest shawl in the entire world. From most angles, it looks like it’s just black and white stripes. . . but turn it at the right angle, and you can see the hidden (and important) message underneath: “Winter Is Coming” over top of a direwolf.

“The cool thing about ‘illusion knitting’ or ‘shadow knitting’ is that the ridges created by a specific pattern of these two stitches allows the design to be visible only from a certain angle when the ridges allow only some of the stitches to be seen,” 61-year-old Penny, who’s located in Lebanon, PA, told HelloGiggles. “The knitting itself wasn’t difficult, but I really had to pay attention and concentrate on the stitch count.”

Penny knit the shawl as a Christmas present for her daughter, 21-year-old GoT fan Emma Bartolomei. She often knits for her daughter, though she started knitting initially in her early teens. “I spent a little or a lot of time knitting depending on what was happening in my life,” Penny explained. “I did a lot of knitting when my daughter was little, less when I was a busy working mom of a young child, and a lot again as an empty nester.”

According to Emma, her mom is incredibly crafty. “Knitting is all she really does now, but . . .she used to sew a lot,” Emma explained to HG. “. . . It’s pretty awesome when I’m wearing something my mom made for me, and someone comes up and says something like, ‘Oh, I love your scarf! Where’d you get it?’ and I just beam at them and say, ‘My mom made it!'”

Her mom has tried teaching her how to knit before, but it’s not for her, Emma told HG. “I tried knitting a scarf, successfully completed about a foot of it, and gave up,” she said. “I think it’s something that requires the type of patience that I just don’t have.”

Luckily, Mom’s here to knit badass shawls that will protect Emma from even the most frigid of northern winters. . . and hopefully, White Walkers, too.

(Image via HBO.)