Olivia Harvey
Updated Mar 19, 2019 @ 10:21 am
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On March 20th at 9:43 p.m., the Super Worm Moon will peak above us in the night sky. That same day is the vernal equinox, which marks the official start of spring. With all this cosmic loveliness happening in the same 24 hours, we’ll have access to some seriously good energy that will help us experience rebirth and encourage us to regain balance in all aspects of our lives.

The Worm Moon gets its name (likely from Native Americans and early settlers) because it falls during the time of year when worms begin to emerge from the soil. As the earth thaws, birds return, the air warms, and the landscape turns green once again. We also hear March’s full moon being called the Sap Moon or the Sugar Moon because maple trees start to weep their sweet sap come springtime.

As always, these rituals are not just for the seasoned practitioner. Anyone can partake in acknowledging and giving thanks to nature and the full moon. In our modern world, it’s easy to forget that we humans would be nothing if not for the natural world, so let’s reconnect to Mother Earth and remind ourselves to stay humble, honest, and simplify our lives whenever we can.

Celebrate the rebirth.

The Super Worm Moon peaks on the same day as the vernal equinox—an overlap that hasn’t occurred since 1981. It’s on the vernal equinox that Wiccans, Pagans, and other magical practitioners celebrate Ostara, the arrival of spring. The maiden goddess (Persephone or Kore) wakes from her slumber and the earth turns green once again. It is reborn.

We, too, can be reborn during the vernal equinox. It’s during this time of year that we shed our winter layers and feel the warm sun on our skin. We hear the birds chirping and smell the thawing soil. Let’s ready ourselves for the next chapter of the year with a ritual bath containing sea salt, Epsom salt (about a 1/2 cup of each), and about a handful of peppermint leaves, as Judy Ann Knock, author of The Wiccan Year, recommends.

Knock suggests placing all the ingredients into a muslin pouch or large tea bag and letting the goodness seep into a hot bath. After soaking in the water for a bit, use the bag to exfoliate your skin, scrubbing off the dead cells and encouraging fresh, new skin to emerge.

After your bath, feed yourself fresh vegetables and drink plenty of water. Feel the nutrients and springtime energy enter into your system and envision yourself at your peak health. Picturing yourself glowing like the radiant, warm sun, ask the goddess for vitality, power, and strength. Feel new and ready yourself for the season ahead.

Acknowledge the imbalances in your life and do something about them.

Because March’s full moon rises in Libra, the zodiac sign represented by the scales, use the week of the full moon to target the imbalances in your life and take strides to right them. Are you working too hard and not maintaining a healthy social life? Is your health suffering due to poor diet or lack of exercise? Have you given up an unhealthy habit only to replace it with an even unhealthier one?

As stated in the most recent issue of the Cosmic Kundalini newsletter, it’s a good idea to soak in the influence of Libra to balance your imbalances. Recognize the habit or lifestyle choice you know is making a negative impact on your life, and plan steps to regain a sense of balance. Jot your plan down in your journal or disclose your plan to a friend who will hold you to it. You might want to post reminders around your home or office in an effort to make the balance a new constant.

“Remember to be kind and forgiving to yourself in the process,” Annie from the Cosmic Kundalini writes. “We are only human, after all.”

Decorate Ostara eggs.

Those who celebrate the Christian holiday of Easter have likely taken part in Easter egg decorating and dyeing. The egg symbol is actually derived from Pagan beliefs and is a sign of rebirth, fertility, and the overall circle of life.

Knock writes in her book that, although ritual egg-dyeing is practiced in many cultures, the types most common types in the U.S. are originally Ukranian: krashanka and pysanka. Krashanka eggs, believed to hold talismanic and healing powers, were dyed a single color and eaten, whereas pysanka eggs were decorated with symbols and used as decorations around the home or exchanged as gifts.

You can make your own natural dyes to create krashanka and/or pysanka eggs using beets (light purple), red cabbage (light blue), yellow onion (orange), and spinach (green). Soak the hard-boiled eggs until the desired color is achieved. For pysanka eggs, use a piece of wax or crayon to decorate the shell. Traditionally, dots represent the starry sky, parallel lines represent eternity, triangles represent the triple goddess, single spirals represent eyes, and arrows represent trees. Then immerse the egg in dye.

Keep in mind that the shells of ritually dyed eggs must not be discarded carelessly after the eggs are eaten. Burn them or throw them into flowing water to avoid bad luck.

The full moon always illuminates the areas of our lives that we would rather ignore. Once you see them during this month’s Super Worm Moon, take note and do what you need to do to tidy up or destress. Now is the time to shake yourself from your winter haze and take action. Good luck, and enjoy the warm air.