Rachel Paige
February 26, 2016 2:18 pm

Fuller House has finally landed on Netflix, and you’re probably deep into your binge by now  —and if not yet, that’s most certainly your Big Plan for this weekend.

The whole cast has returned, except for Michelle, but we’ve been over this. So, okay, everyone else is back, hanging out at the former-Tanner now-Fuller house, and that includes the other set of twins from Full House, Nicky and Alex Katsopolis. When Full House ended back in 1995, these two little dudes were five years old.

Warner Bros.

Now 21 years later, they’re not so little anymore. They’re now 21 years older, and actually 26 years old, and well, it’s clear that Nicky and Alex inherited their perfect parent’s good looks.


While Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit (who plays Nicky) and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit (who plays Alex) are back in their roles for the pilot episode, the two haven’t acted in the last two decades. So what are they doing now? 

Dylan — are you ready? — works in post production for Game of Thrones. So yeah, that means Alex Katsopolis grew up to work with Jon Snow.

As for Blake — and are you ready for this? — he’s now saving lives, literally, as a fireman.

That’s some pretty impressive stuff, boys. And if those things ever fail, there’s always their really awesome taco truck idea. Or surfing.