Julia Topaz
Updated May 17, 2019 @ 12:12 pm

This weekend, the sky will be lit by the Full Flower Moon in the sign of Scorpio. Occurring on May 18th, this moon phase is very much about relationships and is a continuation of the two Libra full moons we experienced in March and April.

The two main focuses for this full moon—which is also a blue moon (the third of four full moons in a season)—are relationships and the material plane. But before we get into the practical of it all, let’s take a look at the symbolism of this moon. The Full Flower Moon occurs in the Scorpio/Taurus axis, which is all about worth and values. Those two things can have different meanings: the things we deem worthy of our time, energy, money, and our own self-worth (feeling worthy); feeling valuable, feeling valued, the things we find valuable, the value we attribute to things, people, situations, and time; and our values, our moral values, our ethics, our life values, and our valuables.

This full moon is really about illuminating our values (in our relationships, ourselves, our lives, and our material and emotional affairs), and helping us to manifest what we desire by making it clear what we want to keep and own, and what we want to eliminate.

The next two weeks will be marked by a process of elimination and a process of relentless pursuit, and both processes are equally important. Don’t be afraid of seeing things, situations, and people leaving your life; the sign of Scorpio is all about focus, and you can’t be focused if you’re chasing everything and everyone. Allow endings to occur, and remember that an ending is just another beginning.

Let’s take a look at how each zodiac sign will be affected by the Full Flower Moon, and do remember to check for your rising sign as well.


There might be an air of crisis and you could feel a bit anxious and frantic, but bear in mind that the more you try to be in control (of yourself, others, and/or the future) the less in control you’ll feel. Control lies in surrender, so remember this for the next few weeks and know that you’re undergoing a major transformation—and every transformation requires letting go of something.


Love is in the air, Taurus. This full moon is going to bring major fated events into your relationships, so keep an eye open for that and focus on figuring out what needs to be reevaluated in your relationships and relationships patterns.


This full moon is helping you Marie Kondo your life. These next two weeks are about finding your balance, finding the right dose of self-discipline and fun, and eliminating what makes you feel sluggish, heavy, slowed down, unhealthy, and disorganized. It’s time for spring cleaning!


Love, love, love. These next two weeks are about to be as romantic as it gets for you, Cancer, but be careful not to let the sensuality in the air take you places you’ll regret later on. There is such a thing as too much fun—and that’s a risk you run for the next couple of weeks. Be safe!


This full moon is about emotional breakthroughs and time with your family, Leo. Take advantage of these few weeks to focus on self-discovery and self-validation. It’s a great time for you to be with yourself and your loved ones, and to retreat into your safe space.


This Full Flower Moon is putting an emphasis on communication and small trips—you might find yourself driving around in the next few weeks; mobility and flexibility are the two key words for you. Lots of thoughts, lots of new information coming in, and you’re going to feel a bit overwhelmed by all this intellectual energy. Enjoy the intellectual boost, but do remember to ground yourself.


It’s all about the dollar for you, Libra. This full moon is going to bring significant changes to your income and your possessions. You can make serious money moves over the next two weeks, so keep your eyes on the prize.


This is a time of self-redefinition and self-renewal. Focus on your self and your goals; now is a time to take bold initiatives both in your personal relationships and in your professional endeavors.


Prepare yourself for major spiritual and psychological breakthroughs, Sagittarius. This full moon is triggering the release of a lot of subconscious patterns that are ruling you from below. If you have been waiting on a sign or a push to meditate, today is your day—do it!


The next two weeks are focused on innovation; brand new ideas could help you solve your current problems. This full moon brings breakthroughs, and a capacity to innovate and create. Focus on online activities and forward thinking.


Public and professional affairs are highlighted for the next two weeks. There could be some major changes at work or in your audience/clientele if you’re someone involved with the public.


Very spiritual time for you, Pisces. You can expect your mindsets, beliefs, and thoughts patterns to be significantly altered over the course of the next two weeks. Now is a good time to set intentions, set a vision for your life, and manifest.

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