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Remember when “planking” was the super-cool thing to do? You know, suddenly acting like a plank of wood and balancing yourself in random places in public, getting your friend take a pic, and uploading it to social media? Yeah, if you thought that was a weird social phenomenon, you won’t believe how insane the newest version of planking is.

The new *~*trendy*~* thing to do is stripping off all your clothing, going outside, and getting in the position of a frozen chicken. Essentially, getting on your knees, making your butt hover over your feet, and letting the rest of your body drape towards the ground. It’s called “frozen chook,” BuzzFeed reports, and it’s exactly as bizarre (and kind of hilarious) as it sounds:

Yep. People are getting naked, dropping on all fours, and pretending to be frozen poultry. That’s a thing now.

“It started off as a party trick, and would always get a positive reaction,” a representative of the Frozen Chook Facebook page explained to BuzzFeed. “Our friend group has a private Facebook page in which we upload videos and random material to share between ourselves – this is where #FrozenChook took off for us.”

That’s right: there’s an entire Facebook page devoted to the trend that posts pictures of people — or, rather, frozen chooks — doing a yoga-like pose entirely in the buff, and it sort of looks like a modern art installation. . . a modern art installation that makes us crack up at the bizarreness of it.

You may be thinking, “Right, yes, this makes total sense and is a necessary thing in the world we live in!! But all of this is on the ground! It seems so tame! Where’s the ACTION??” Oh, there’s action, my friend. ROOFTOP ACTION.

And if you are unsure how to frozen chook — how does one take off clothes? How does one assume the position? There’s a learning curve, we understand — there is a video version of someone going through the entire process, because education is important.

If you want to follow the Frozen Chooks, like their Facebook page here. Oh, what a world.

(Image via Facebook.)