Ashley McDonald
Feb 12, 2015 @ 2:08 pm

Guys, remember Marcel? Ross' adorable, trouble-making Capuchin monkey? He's still around and famous, gracing the Kendall Jenner spread in the March edition of Allure. And yes, he's still freaking adorable.
Apparently Marcel fussed with Kendall's hair while perched on the high-fashion model's shoulder. And she's totally an animal lover. Awww, that must have been cute to watch.

We <3 you, Marcel. In honor of our fave Capuchin, here's a roundup of some of the best 'Friends' monkey moments:

When Ross showed up with Marcel as his date for Monica's New Year's Eve party (we'd totally do that for Valentine's Day).

When Marcel keeps playing the song from 'Lion King' on Ross' stereo system.

When Phoebe dives in front of the tranquilizing dart for Marcel, thereby saving him from captivity.

When Marcel goes to the San Diego Zoo, where he can be happy in a better suited habitat.

. . . But then Ross finds out he's actually in showbiz, where they promptly reunite in New York and it's ADORABLE.

Marcel, if you're out there reading this, we'd like you to be our Valentine this year—comment below if interested.

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