Elizabeth Entenman
September 06, 2015 9:14 am

It’s Labor Day weekend, and there’s one thing on our minds: Vacation. We’ve done the quiet escape-to-the-beach vaycay, and done the show-me-everything trip where we packed in the touristy sights. Next, we’re ready for the get-the-true-local-experience holiday—something a little more friendly is a plus.

Travel + Leisure has some ideas for us. Every year, they release a list of the world’s friendliest cities, meticulously compiled based on a survey of readers and travelers. This year’s results are in, and the winner is Galway, Ireland. Even it’s name sounds friendly!

What makes Galway so great? The city is loved for it’s music, traditional vibes and having that true Irish feel — there are fiddlers and banjo players aplenty in the streets and in the pubs. “The hospitality and the humor of Ireland’s people makes it a perfect destination,” said one voter. Sounds fun!

Because sometimes you just need to ask for directions without feeling like a hopeless American, or don’t want to feel tourist-shamed for not knowing the language. Instead, you’d rather enjoy a meal with an Irishman playing a traditional Irish song on his flute at the next table.

“Friendliness, be it instinctual hospitality, or a warm smile at every storefront, does a lot to make a city more accessible to travelers,” Travel + Leisure writes. “These destinations—both far flung and near to home — know how to charm.”

So it’s settled then: We’re planning our next vacation in Ireland. The country has three mentions alone in the top five friendliest cities. The rest of the top 10 cities are Charleston, SC; Dublin, Ireland; Cork, Ireland; Siem Reap, Cambodia; Auckland, New Zealand; Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; Edinburgh, Scotland and Savannah, Georgia.

(Featured image via Twitter.)