Just in time for the holidays, the fourth largest food retailer in France has come out with a new advertisement aimed at breaking down gender stereotypes when it comes to children’s toys. U Supermarkets posted the video on social media with the hashtag #GenderFreeChristmas, and we have to say, we absolutely love it.

The two-minute clip begins with different children looking into the camera and repeating some of the clichés they’ve been bombarded with since birth. Among them are universal statements such as: “Boys, they don’t know how to take care of babies,” “The daddy goes to work and makes money,” “Girls enjoy kitchens,” and “Boys play football, they play with guns and girls have tea party sets.” TBH it’s a little heartbreaking to watch.

But then these same kids are let loose in a roomful of toys, and something amazing happens. They play with whatever toys they like. We see girls playing with cars and power tools and a boy in an Iron Man costume using a toy vacuum cleaner. At one point, a little boy cradles a baby doll and asks, “Are you okay?” Our hearts are officially shattered.

The ad ends with the words, “U Supermarket decided to create a Christmas catalogue free from gender stereotypes, where there are no toys for girls or for boys. Just toys.” Way to go, U Supermarket! Très bien!

Take a look at the ad in its entirety below. Here’s to a #GenderFreeChristmas!

[Image and video via YouTube.]