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Last week, the election results devastated many of us. And one of the chief pains was that we thought Hillary Clinton would be our first female president. As women, that’s progress we’ve been waiting for for too long, but we have to wait longer. As a tribute, The Jewish Museum offered free Hillary Clinton posters that showed her alongside our other male presidents.

The posters join some of our other reminders of our excitement for the potential of a female president.

The free Hillary Clinton posters at the Jewish Museum in New York City were designed by Jonathan Horowitz.

The posters were available as part of the Jewish Museum’s exhibit “Take Me, I’m Yours.” The exhibit features free art objects including art by Yoko Ono, Martha Rosler, and Jonas Mekas.

The posters were offered in a pile for anyone to take to give exhibit goers a new art experience.

We definitely find the posters saddening to look at, but one of the things we discovered during this contentious election was a common group of awesome female voices. This poster kind of reminds us of the power of that. Even though it didn’t work this time, we know there will be many opportunities to show the world the power of women.

Because as we know, we’re stronger together!

So if you’re in New York City between now and February 2017, make sure to stop by the Jewish Museum to pick up a Hillary Clinton poster!