The youngest Jonas brother is all grown up and the Internet has THOUGHTS

Today’s lesson: time flies when you’re a Jonas brother. Also – we feel so old right now.

You most likely remember Frankie Jonas (aka the youngest Jonas brother) from his occasional appearances on the Disney show Jonas. Then again, maybe you’re just really into your Jonas Brothers trivia. Regardless, something quite shocking has happened: Frankie has… grown up!

Paper Magazine recently published a piece detailing the celebrity siblings we should all be following and 15-year-old Jonas was included. He answered a few questions, but – most importantly – he also posed for a few pics and these snapshots reveal that a lot has changed since we last saw the “Bonus Jonas.”

Also, it turns out that Frankie is quite the Internet MacGyver, stating that he’s a “meme machine,” sloths are his fave online animal, and that he sometimes reads Frankie Jonas fan fiction when he’s bored. He also changes his hair color on a regular basis and posts evidence on his Instagram. Who knew? Now, we have a feeling we’re not the only ones who are shocked by grown-up Frankie/the concept of time, so we’d like to see what the virtual world has to say about the youngest Jonas.

Let’s start with his brothers:

— kevin jonas (@kevinjonas) December 9, 2015

The consensus: we’re all old, Frankie has transformed into a beautiful butterfly, and it seems that Bonus Jonas is a nickname that’s going to follow Frankie forever and ever and ever:

— ️ (@herecomesarah) December 10, 2015

And some are just plain freaking out about the inevitability of aging:

— Jonas Brothers Daily (@JonasAUS) December 9, 2015

As for us, we’re still processing. In the meantime, we’re just gonna focus on how adorable their brotherly love is.

[Images via Twitter and Instagram]

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