Being that today is Monday and we’re still dreaming of our lazy weekends, we thought the only thing that would cure our Monday blues would be something so cute, something SO adorable, that we couldn’t help but smile ear-to-ear.

And it turns out, ladies and gentlemen, that there is a tiny little floofer family made up of four senior chihuahuas (ages 13, 14, 15, and 16) who’ve brought a such a big smile to our faces that we’ve basically forgotten about the whole “it being Monday” thing. Other than the fact that their Instagram bio refers to them as “geriatric gems,” these senior pups have hearts of gold!

The quad recently welcomed an adorable little kitten named Rosita (who was rescued by their owner) as one of their own and holy guacamole, are these fur floofs PRECIOUS.

You can check out the gang’s Instagram page for more ~totes adorbz~ pics here.