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“I have nightmares every night. Really intense, really REAL nightmares. I wake up feeling exhausted every day. I realize that this sounds like an exaggeration… but it’s not, I promise. I really need help, I’m even seeing a shrink about it, but the brain is a strange strange thing, so it’s pretty much all guess-work on his part.
It’s getting so bad I can’t function on normal things, I’m in collage and studying is getting harder and harder

I’m just asking if anyone else has this problem, maybe someone who has tips and tricks? Something that helped them? I have done the usual, chamomile tea before bed, no caffeine after midday, exercise ect. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me

Do nightmares bother you too? Share your tips and tricks with hippyninjasimmy.

My best friend and I have decided to move to Australia for a few months, we’ll probably leave next January (with a WTV visa. We have settled on Sydney so far, but are open to other destinations.
Do any of you guys have tips and stuff to share? I know we have time but well, it’s kind of a big move from home (France) and we want to be prepared

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Am I just in the dark, or wrong, or what?

Looks like Purrsnickity has a pretty big problem. Find out what it is and help her figure it out.

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