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by cutiepie66 “What is the easiest way to go about shaving my lady parts? Or getting rid of the hair on my lady parts…?

I think we’ve all had questions about our lady parts at one point or another, help a girl out!The Mindy Project!

I can’t explain how much I miss this show. Looks like I’m not the only Mindy Kaling fan out there.

“Please tell me that I am not the only one positively enchanted by Mindy Kaling.”

Talk about the show, here.

“What are some of your favorite groups/performers who don’t sing in English? I’m a fan of Manu Chao (although to be fair, some of his stuff is in English). While it’s fun to be able to sing along, I think it’s the actual music that gets people at a visceral level.”

Personally, I am obsessed with classic Bollywood songs. What about you?

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