Madison Vanderberg
May 05, 2016 1:59 pm

Uggh, McDonald’s. Home of the flattest and most-non-burger tasting (but best ever) burger. McDonald’s food only vaguely reminds you of actual meat but it is So. Damn. Good.

Our menu here in the U.S. is…fine, but imagine if we could have some of the menu items from foreign McDonald’s? There are just so many cooler McDonald’s menu items around the world. Like,

1. Japan’s Bacon Potato Pie

Deep fried mashed potato with bacon bites. We can never look at an apple pie the same.

2. Spain’s Mclberica

It’s a beef patty with jamon iberico, Manchego cheese, olive oil, lettuce and tomato and YEAH, it doesn’t look great IRL, but it comes on a ciabatta bun!

3. Pakistan’s McArabia

McDonald's /

It’s basically a hamburger (made with lamb’s meat, WE DON’T HAVE LAMB MEAT AT OUR MCDONALD’S) in a pita, which isn’t THAT much different than our McWraps, but they just discontinued those, so…

4. India’s Paneer wrap

Mcdonald's / Globalconversation.

A wrap filled with deep-fried Paneer cheese on a bed of veggies and seasonings, creamy sauce, mustard and melted cheese. UGGGH WE WANT.

5. Honh Kong’s Twisty Pasta

McDonald's /

Ramen with sausage and egg on top is a popular breakfast dish in Hong Kong and McDonald’s version looks ameeeezzinnnggg.

6. Japan’s Tamago Double Mac

McDonald's /

Okay honestly, Japan has the best McDonald’s menu. This is a double cheeseburger WITH AN EGG AND A SOLO SLICE OF BACON! Slay me through my clogged arteries I’m hooked.

7. Japan’s Shaka Shaka chicken

McDonald's /

It’s a piece of fried chicken that comes with its own spice packet that you shake in a bag. It’s basically a big chicken nugget and instead of a sauce, its a spice packet.

8. London’s Mississippi Mudpie McFlurry

They call it a Mississippi Mudpie but they ONLY have them in the U.K. Actually, the McFlurry game in the U.K. is strong. A McFlurry in the U.K. is basically a DQ Blizzard in the states.

9. India’s McCurry Pan

McDonald's /

It’s curry inside a square bread bowl! Yah, it looks nothing like the photo but omigod where else could you get a creation like this besides the D’s!

10. France’s Croque McDo

McDonald's /

It’s like a Croque Madam, but without all the fanciness or mess!

11. Canada’s poutine

McDonald's /

Poutine is fries topped with gravy and cheese curds! Is this like chilli cheese fries! We have no idea BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE THIS FOOD HERE!

12. Phillippine’s spaghetti

Mcdonald's /


13. China and India’s McVeggie

McDonald's /

This veggie pattie is made from mushrooms and carrots and sounds like a vegetarian’s dream!

14. India’s Pizza Mcpuff

McDonald's /

It’s basically a hot pocket with a fun name. Pizza McPuff.

15. Phillippine’s McRice burgers

McDonald's /

This is a wheat-free dieters dream! You can get any burger on a rice bun in the Phillippines!

16. Germany’s McCroissant

McDonald's /

A croissant stuffed with ham and cheese. Le sigh. Foreign McDonald’s are so amazing.