Rachel Paige
April 28, 2016 11:24 am

The ending of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a roller coaster of emotions. We’re reeling over the loss of our beloved Han Solo, ridiculously nervous over the fate of the unconscious Finn, and cheering our heads off as soon as Rey goes up against Kylo Ren. There’s also one more emotion mixed in here, but it’s reserved solely for Kylo Ren: anger.

Well, you’d be pretty mad if your entire battle station was being destroyed, and you feel pulled by both the Dark Side and the Light, and also you just killed your father.

With Force Awakens now available to own (and it’s assumed that everyone owns it, duh), it’s time to start over-analyzing and obsessing over the film. This is especially important for all of those lingering and unanswered questions about the movie, like why the heck is Kylo Ren punching himself as soon as he’s about to go up against Rey? It’s a weird moment, and it’s never explained. He just start physically punching his side, and we can see his blood splattered across the snow. It’s…odd.

And it also might be because Kylo Ren is trying to make himself STRONGER. The Force works in weird ways, and works in shifty ways when we’re dealing with the Dark Side.

As the Star Wars Minute points out, there have been other Force sensitive characters in the past (both canon, and non-canon) who have used their pain and suffering to actually drive their power. Even remember when Luke got his hand cut off, and then did a cool free-fall through Cloud City, and then somehow held on to a very small pole for a very long time, battling against wind, until the Millennium Falcon rescued him? Yeah, if that were you, you’d probably be in a lot of pain and just keep falling, let’s be honest. But not Luke. The Force probably had something to do with his ability to hold on, since that pain and suffering only made him stronger.

With Kylo Ren, he’s in pain and suffering, and he’s using this newfound rage to really try and take down Rey and Finn. Right after he hits himself the first time he literally throws Rey up into the trees. He’s strong, as he certainly proves throughout the movie, but now he’s almost invincible.

Well, invincible until Rey grabs that lightsaber and then all bets are off.