After 12 days, does it feel kinda silly to put up a spoiler warning for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Yes. But I personally know four people who still haven’t seen the movie, so I’m looking out for them. Tiny Force Awakens spoilers ahead, friends.

For today’s weird Star Wars theory: many think the first line of Force Awakens is total shade directed at Star Wars creator George Lucas. Say whaaaaat? It’s probably not something that’s crossed your mind, but now that you’re thinking about, could it be true?

Force Awakens opens on Jakku, with hot-shot (and dreamboat) pilot Poe Dameron meeting with an old Jedi ally, Lor San Tekka. Lor San Tekka has part of the map that leads to MIA Luke Skywalker, and when he hands it over to Poe, he says, “This will begin to make things right.”

Obviously, you know, Lor San Tekka is talking about the fact that Luke is missing, and that the First Order is quickly rising in power, and Princess General Leia is just trying to bring peace to the galaxy. This map will help find Luke, and Luke will make everything right again, as he’s done before in the past.

OR could this line be about the fact that the Star Wars prequels were so ill received, and with Force Awakens, hopefully balance will be restored to the Star Wars movies? And all will be right in the galaxy far, far away again? Is this opening line a quick little jab at Lucas for tinkering so much with the saga?

Honestly, probably not. I do not for a second believe that director J.J Abrams — along with writer Lawrence Kasdan — would openly throw a burn like that at Lucas. He created Star Wars, after all! All of this is because of him! Abrams and Lucas are known friends, and though he wasn’t directly involved in Force Awakens, Lucas still played a huge role, as if he were the all-knowing wise ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

If the Lor San Tekka’s first line had been something like, “man, I’m glad Jar Jar Binks is dead, I hated that guy,” this would be a different story. But this is not the Star Wars shade you’re looking for.

Image via Lucasfilm, Quora