A few days ago, we got our first look at the Forbes “30 Under 30” list for 2016. Every year, Forbes gives us this annual rundown of the top 30 people in 20 different fields, from art to tech, all under the age of 30. And while we’re definitely inspired by so much genius, it can be a little intimidating. (Personally, I’m waiting for a list of 100 Under 100 because there’s no age limit on dreams, yo. But maybe that’s just me.)

Now Forbes is poking a little fun at the list by releasing a hilarious new parody video. The 10 Under 10 Influencers in Tech makes us laugh. Hard. (While also making us feel ancient.) The video features a Forbes reporter interviewing kid CEO’s who have invented things like a play dating app called Binky Meets Cradle and Duck Duck Duck, the “thought leader in rubber ducks.” Our favorite might be Napchat, a messenger app for kids to nap “socially and mobile-y.” All of the yes. Who hasn’t wanted to nap mobile-y? (Not even sure what that means, but they had me at nap.)

Check out the hilariousness below and breathe a sigh of relief. This video proves that even the makers of these age-based lists get that they can be a little silly.

[Image and video via YouTube.]