Olivia Harvey
Updated Dec 23, 2016 @ 1:22 pm

Product placement is a big deal in the media industry. You’ve probably seen Beats by Dr. Dre products pop up in every music video in the modern era. The American Idol judges solely drink from Coca-Cola cups. And TV comedies like Arrested Development went out of their way to blatantly satirize their Burger King product placement. But you may have noticed one fake brand of potato chips popping up in all your fave shows and movies, and in doing so, is hilariously spoofing the idea of product placement.

The brand is Let’s, and it’s most commonly associated with the NBC sitcom, Community. According to Refinery29, the brand was created by Studio Graphics, Inc., a design company working under prop company Independent Studio Services (ISS). It’s supposed to be a knockoff of Lay’s potato chips and is used by show-runners who wish to opt out of very obvious and distracting product placement.


Look familiar? We thought so.

Let’s chips have certainly made their way around the TV and film sphere. Alongside Community, Let’s has made guest appearances on Orange is the New Black –


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia –


– and even our beloved New Girl!


Gregg Bilson, Jr., CEO and president of ISS told Refinery29 that Let’s was created by Studio Graphics, Inc. about 12 years ago and has been roaming around TV sets since then. Check out this almost complete Buzzfeed list of shows where you catch a glimpse of a Let’s bag.

And although Let’s chips have been consumed by close to every TV character on cable, Community is responsible for making the brand famous.

Refinery29 reports:

Let’s is the epitome of taking a joke too far – but honestly in the best way.

We guarantee that you’ll keep your eyes peeled for Let’s next time you tune into your nightly shows. It sure does feel good to be part of an inside joke with the entire television community, doesn’t it?