We’re all looking for ways to spice up our summer cookouts. But honestly, there’s only so many things you can do to a hunk of meat or a skewer of veggies. So, what if you brought out some big ideas on the grill this season? Say, a few donuts? Grilled donuts might sound a little crazy, but don’t knock it until you read all about it!

That’s right: we’re advocating for Grilled. Donuts.

Sometimes it’s hard to find innovative ways to win at the BBQ. But don’t worry, Lifehacker’s Skillet has your back! Apparently, grilled donuts are a treat unlike any other. The donuts themselves can be just regular donuts (we’d personally choose a plain glazed). Pop those suckers on the grill for thirty seconds per side, and you’ve got yourself a bonafide grilled donut!

What’s so good about these magical pastries? We’ve heard a lot about donuts as ice cream cones, donuts in milk shakes, donut breakfast sandwiches, and more. Haven’t we done all that we can do with the donut, at this point? Do we really need to hold our donuts over the fire?

Short answer: yes. Longer, more scientific-based answer: also yes. According to Lifehacker’s food experts, grilling the donut does some wonderful things to the sugar content. More specifically, it caramelizes the sugar, giving it a real brûléed vibe. So it takes your donut from soft and sweet to hot and toasty, with new flavors added to the mix. You might just become the reigning champion of the BBQ cookout if you bring these to the table.

There are actually lots of different recipes to choose from when grilling a donut. Some people like to slice the donuts in half and coat them in a thin layer of butter before slapping them over the fire. You can then use them to make the halves for an ice cream sandwich! You can dip those donuts into a cinnamon sugar mix before popping them on the barbie and serve them with fruit. Hey, the possibilities are limitless! Live your best life this summer and fulfill your grilled donut dreams.