Caitlin Flynn
January 02, 2017 3:39 pm

Sometimes when I can’t sleep, I ponder some of life’s most important questions — one of which is why you can’t buy Dippin’ Dots at the grocery store. As much as I appreciate Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs, sometimes I’m more in the mood to indulge my sweet tooth by eating Dippin’ Dots — so, needless to say, fruitless searches in the freezer section of my grocery store leave me perplexed about why this delicious treat isn’t more accessible.

As it turns, out Dippin’ Dots isn’t deliberately depriving us of our ice cream fix — according to the company’s official website, the freezers in grocery stores aren’t cold enough to hold the ice cream’s unique shape.

The average freezer is around 0 degrees Fahrenheit — but, in order to keep their beautiful shape intact, Dippin’ Dots need to be flash frozen and stored at negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, we could eat Dots stored at 0 degrees — but they would all stick together, and it would totally ruin the experience.

Grocery stores may be off the table, but DON’T WORRY — the fine folks at Dippin’ Dots have made sure we have other ways to access the delicious dessert even if we’re not at a baseball game or amusement park.

The company installed special freezers in convenience stores across the country, so you can purchase them to eat at home when you have a hankering. But that’s not all — another option is to have Dippin’ Dots delivered to your home (packed with a whole lot of dry ice to maintain their shape, of course).

So, don’t be angry at your grocery store next time you can’t find Dippin’ Dots in the freezer aisle — after all, the dessert wouldn’t be the same if we brought it home only to discover it was misshapen and barely resembled our beloved treat. Thank goodness for convenience stores and home delivery options — Dippin’ Dots has got our backs.