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Sometimes, food looks almost too perfect to eat. It’s so beautiful, so breathtaking, that you need to take a minute to pause and marvel and it. Then, of course, you dig in. Hey, we’re only human. And if you’ve never imagined a food that might make you hesitate before chowing down, you need to take a look at these glazed mirror mousse cakes. Not only do they sound sufficiently drool-worthy, they’re pretty enough to (almost) make you feel guilty about eating them.

Ksenia Penkina thinks food should do more than taste good; it should look great as well. With that in mind, she’s been hard at work perfecting her glazed mirror mousse cakes (and we couldn’t be happier about it).

These tempting treats are breathtaking works of art that you can serve at your next party — if you don’t keep it all for yourself, that is.

The colors and flavors are enough to attract anyone’s attention (and create a serious sweet craving), but the real marvel of these mousse cakes are their glass glaze. These pastries are so sleek and shiny you can actually see your reflection in them. The secret is to concoct a sugary glaze made with a touch of gelatin for that rare and wonderful sheen that will leave partygoers and dessert lovers alike raving.

The rest of the cake is a flavorful work of art as well, made with only the finest ingredients (including decadent chocolate mousse that’s to die for) and using tried and true pastry techniques.

These glazed mirror mousse cakes may be all the rage right now (and with good reason — where do we order some?), but the idea itself has been around for a while.

This modern play on classic techniques is a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.

And if you’re a particularly brave baker, you can sign up for classes and learn the tricks of the trade (check out the video below for more information). The rest of us will just have to hope our local patisserie starts stocking these beautiful desserts.

Now, who’s hungry?

Yummmmm. We are starving right now!