HelloGiggles Team
August 09, 2016 5:47 am

Pop quiz: What’s your most cherished memory from high school? We bet it isn’t cramming for an AP Bio test, or filling out your college applications. It’s probably something more like giggling during second lunch, throwing an impromptu dance party in study hall, or getting ready for prom with your BFFs.

Little moments like these are the best. Our whole lives we’re taught that following the rules will yield the most happiness, but we’ve learned that making time for unexpected adventures is key. Trust us—no adventure is too small. Up for one right now? We have an idea: A mini road trip to Wendy’s to get Honest Tropical Green Tea and FruiTea Chillers.


It checks all the important adventure boxes: It makes you excited, it gets you moving, and it involves food. What else could you ask for? Wendy’s FruiTea Chillers will not only refresh your routine and satisfy your sense of adventure—they’ll also satisfy your thirst with two fruity flavors. There’s Blueberry Pineapple for when you’re craving berry goodness, and Orange Mango for when you’re in the mood for some citrus. Best of all, this flavor adventure can be the starting point for another adventure. Where will FruiTea Chillers take you next?

Repeat after us: Where there’s a weekend, there’s a way. Make this your mini mantra for all of the mini adventures you find yourself on!

When you look back on the phase of your life that you’re in now, your job title or the brand of your clothes won’t be what you remember most. It’ll be the Game of Thrones viewing parties you threw with your besties. The guy you worked up the courage to ask out on a date. The book club that involved more drinking wine than discussing books. Those are the memories that will stick out, so take every advantage you can now to make them last.

Small adventures are what keep us sane. It’s the little things that make all the difference, so grab Wendy’s FruiTea Chillers and see where the fun takes you from there.