Dan Magro
September 22, 2017 10:30 am

Recently HelloGiggles went to the J.W. Marriott Resort in Palm Desert, California to try their fascinating “DoNut Disturb” room service package. Essentially, you get a 10-pound glittery, millennial pink donut delivered straight to your hotel room, along with a variety of flavored milks. Does this massive, delicious treat live up to the sugary hype? We took a bite (or twelve), and here are the results.

Gabriela Herstik, Latinx Culture Writer

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“The donut was super sweet but not too sweet and had a nice hint of raspberry, which I wasn’t expecting. I liked that it was cake-like but still donut-esque thanks to the top. Also it had glitter, which is something I usually don’t eat, which was dope. 10/10 would eat 10 more.”

Rachel Paige, Entertainment Editor

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“Wow, it’s like soft and fluffy and so flavorful. Usually I’m not a fondant fan, but you can’t even taste it with this cake because all the other flavors are overpowering it. 13/10, would eat again.”

Iris Barber, Office Manager Mom & Sandra Huber, Lead Web Developer


“This was the highlight of my day. Can we just have this in the office every. Single. Day?” -Iris

“I get why someone would want 10lbs of it.” -Sandra

Sade Deanne Akenzua, Associate Video Producer

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“When I saw it was a donut cake, I was a little hesitant at first, only because I don’t really like the taste of donuts. To my surprise, it actually tasted more like a cake! Cakes are one of my favorite desserts and this donut cake definitely satisfied my sweet craving today. Along with the raspberry filling, the icing was one of the best parts. The fondant and buttercream were the perfect combination, and I enjoyed eating every last part of it!”

Anna Buckley, Social Media Producer

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“While it was definitely more of a cake that looked like a donut rather than a real giant donut, it was SO flavorful. The best novelty cake I’ve ever had, honestly.”

Missy LaPlace, Editorial Video Producer

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“I feel like most of the time, when a cake is this pretty it doesn’t taste very good, but this donut is incredible. Fluffy, flavorful and oh em gee so sparkly! So, so yummy.”

Pamela Avila, Social Media Producer

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“I don’t crave donuts very often, but I will still eat them because why would you ever turn down bread and/or sweets? So when I was asked to try a li’l piece of a big ol’ donut — 10 pounds to be exact — I thought about how I should lay off the sweets, but I obviously didn’t listen and went for it. And honestly, I didn’t have high expectations for how this 10-pound donut would taste, because usually when something looks so perfectly delicious (the frosting on top and the glitter were so prettaaaaay), it turns out to be mediocre in taste. But I was SO wrong; it looked and tasted delicious. It did taste a lot like just cake, but it was perfect. It wasn’t too sweet, texture was on point, and the fruit in the middle was my fave.”

Keri Pina, Editorial Video Producer

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“I can’t believe how good this was. I do think it’s possible for cake to be too sweet, so I am choosing my words very deliberately when I say that this was *perfectly* sweet. And the raspberry! It’s hidden within the layers so it hits you last, and it’s fantastic. I didn’t expect such a fun-looking cake to be so seriously delicious.”

Stephanie Kent, Social Media Director

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“This was love at first bite. Do you know how long my insides have waited to be safely coated in glitter? A long time. The wait was worth it; the frosting and filling were sweet and had built-in chases with the fluffy vanilla cake. This is more than a novelty dessert. This was an awakening. Be careful with the size of your slice, though. I greedily chose the largest slice, and I quickly learned that this needs to be consumed in doses. Too much of a good thing, you know?”

Gretchen Cathcart, Editorial Video

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“First off the cake looked beautiful and I was super excited to try it, and it did not disappoint. I’m not a huge fondant fan, but in this cake it just added to the flavor. My favorite part was the cream and berry filling.”

Rachel Sanoff, Features Editor

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“This donut cake was overwhelming in a beautiful way. I was admittedly concerned that a slice of a 10-pound donut would be too sickly sweet — but this actually might be the most delicious cake I’ve ever had??? The vanilla bean and raspberry filling are a perfect pair, and the cake’s texture is amazing (tried not to say moist because I know that word is polarizing, BUT THE CAKE WAS MOIST).”

Bailey Benningfield, Associate Video Producer

Dan Magro / HelloGiggles

“Given that it’s shaped like a giant donut, I thought it would taste more donut-y, but it was delicious nonetheless. I’m not a huge buttercream icing fan, but this one was pretty nice! I definitely picked around some frosting, though, to get to the best part of the cake, which was the raspberry filling in the middle.”