Kenya Foy
July 24, 2016 11:27 am
煜翔 肖/Unsplash

Since Mother Nature’s thermostat is officially set on Permanent Boiling Hellscape, we need all the drink options we can get to help stave off an actual physical meltdown. The new Starbucks summer coffee drinks still sound like refreshingly tasty options, but if you require something with a little more kick, perhaps a watermelon champagne will hit the spot. I mean, it’s watermelon and champagne — there’s inherently very little room for this to fail, but it actually wins harder than you could possibly imagine.

Honestly, we don’t need the dog days of summer to partake in a tasty alcoholic beverage (or two, or three), but this watermelon-meets-champs concoction has us beyond ready to get our swig on.

Go ahead and scurry to the kitchen to mix up your own batch. It’s a pretty simple recipe that requires — you guessed it — blended watermelon chunks, a bottle of your favorite bubbly, and some mint to take the drink’s cute aesthetic up a notch because you’re classy and you do, in fact, only live once.

Rosé’s new rival sounds like a perfect pairing with brunch or obviously a standalone drink. Isn’t it almost too pretty to drink? Then again, we have our doubts about whether that kind of drink actually exists.