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Okay, so when the whole “rain drop” cake that looks like water became *the* king of trendy desserts to try, we were all for it. But alas, like all trends, the “rain drop” cake faded from memory — until now. The “water cake cake” in Japan is bringing back all of our beloved memories of putting mysterious gel-like, water-like…goo in our mouths, and actually liking it. (Wow, that’s a hell of a sentence. What a time to be alive.)

Since everything in the world is extremely stressful and weird right now, we are definitely not mad about having an adorable water cat to eat. (No, seriously, how are we actually writing these words right now? Don’t ever say magic and whimsy are dead, as clearly the world is still full of delightful weirdness all around.)

Behold! And be enchanted: false

Apparently, the water cat cake is ~all the rage~ in Japan right now (of course this is happening in Japan, aka, the most blissfully weird place on earth where all the greatest inexplicable foods come from).

Here’s the water mochi magic in action: false

Please come to the U.S.! Our bodies are ready.