Emily Baines
Updated Jan 15, 2017 @ 12:18 pm
grilled cheese
Credit: HellthyJunkFood/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRo6bPGhi10&feature=youtu.be

Grilled cheese is an American treasure. Bites of that classic hot sandwich bring memories of rainy days at home after school, perhaps with a cup of tomato soup. But of course, this being America, we also think bigger is better.

And now we know how to make a gigantic grilled cheese.

We don’t really think this is a problem, per say. (Though recent research claims we may eat too much cheese.) But can you blame us? There are just so many delicious recipes out there!

Watch below as our friends at HellthyJunkFood show us how to make a gigantic grilled cheese!

You’ve got to admit, it looks delicious.

We wonder what HellthyJunkFood would think of these other recipes. After all, can you imagine a gigantic rainbow grilled cheese sandwich? How magical would that be! Almost as magical as unicorns.

Nonetheless, considering an average grilled cheese sandwich isn’t exactly winning at nutritional benefits, we don’t recommend eating a gigantic one every day.

Of course, a giant sandwich isn’t the only gigantic food HellthyJunkFood likes to create. (Their name is clearly ironic.) Dare we forget the giant Chicken McNugget? What about the four pound Twix bar? Bigger isn’t always better, guys. Though we have to admit, we wouldn’t turn our backs on a really big salad.

As we continue to survive winter weather, we’ll likely turn to our favorite meals for comfort…and grilled cheese is definitely one of them.