Rachel Charlene Lewis
December 07, 2016 8:14 am
@elavegan / www.instagram.com

It’s the season of showing off your totally adult cooking skills, and we’ll be the first to admit that we’re still getting a hang of the world of cooking, like, actual food. So here’s a tip: give one of the easiest party recipes, the DIY party platter, a try! Plus, you can make it even more of an inclusive (and healthy!) meal by trying out these vegan party platters.

Made from a variety of different foods to appease both your pickiest friends *and* your friend who’s always craving something new, these vegan party platters are a great way to spice things up this holiday season. Plus, they’re such easy party food! Here are a few of food blogger Ela’s best platter recipes we’re dying to try.

1. This rainbow salad made with purple cabbage, corn, tomatoes, spiralized cucumbers, radishes, and carrots

2. This delicious and colorful vegan toast platter

3. This green avocado platter is an actual dream

4. These creamy strawberry donuts are a sweets-loving vegan dream come true

5. These killer summer rolls are actual artwork

6. This ombré waffle fruit platter featuring pineapple with granadilla seeds

7. These chubby summer rolls are super cute

8. And this bright and vivid fruit platter made of unique fruits

Happy eating, vegan-food lovers!