temple of seitan
Credit: brightzine/Instagram

Eliminating animal products from your diet doesn’t mean that you’ll never get to indulge in tasty cuisine again. Case in point — a vegan fried chicken restaurant opened its doors on Saturday, and the food at The Temple of Seitan in Hackney, east London looks so delicious that we wouldn’t be surprised if meat-eaters start lining up to get a taste.

The fried chicken is made from seitan, a popular meat substitute that’s derived from the protein portion of wheat.

McGuinness, who has been a vegan for 10 years, replicates her favorite “pre-vegan” dishes and creates recipes that taste like the real deal.

Temple of Seitan’s menu includes a variety of “chicken” based dishes, including strips, wings, popcorn-style bites, and burgers. And, based on the long lines, it looks like vegans and carnivores alike can’t wait to try vegan fried chicken.