Fall in love with these new Valentine’s Day M&M flavors

Ah, January: The month when we can all leave behind our holiday sweets binges and start fresh, getting to the gym and racking up huge grocery bills at Whole Foods to re-stock our kitchens with good stuff. But it’s worth it because our skin is glowing, we feel better, and we don’t need candy anymore, right?

LOL, just kidding. Of course candy companies are still taking over our lives, because Valentine’s Day is next month and we just can’t quit you, candy. For example, our BFF Mars, Incorporated has now given us two V-Day-themed M&M flavors that are making us cry tears of red-and-pink-tinted joy.

First up? Strawberry. So it’s basically like eating a chocolate-covered strawberry, but without ANY of the pesky health benefits, because who needs those anyway.


The second flavor – White Strawberry Shortcake – is more glamorous, which you can tell because the sassy green M&M is on the cover and anything she promotes is automatically fancy.

Reviewers at The Impulsive Buy say these pink, white, and beige beauties are filled with white chocolate and taste like a mixture of strawberries and Cool Whip. YUM. According to Delish, they’ve only been seen at Target so far. Which is fine, since Target is my second home and only a five-minute drive away.

Not sure about you guys, but my next step will involve either tossing my gym-membership card in the trash OR upping the frequency in which I hit said gym. Which option is right, I can’t say, but I’ll get back to you as soon as all the chocolate in my mouth melts (but before Easter, obviously. I’m not an animal).

(Images via eBay/Mars, Incorporated and Instagram)

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