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Hangry is a legitimate cause for concern, even in the upper levels of politics. Just ask Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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On Saturday, at a meeting in Geneva between the Russian diplomat and U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, Lavrov handed out pizza and vodka to a room full of reporters, but not before making them wait for hours upon hours to hear an outcome from the Syria-focused talks between the two super powers.

According to Reuters, Lavrov had made three separate visits to the windowless basement of the President Wilson Hotel, where a room full of journalists eagerly awaited news on the negotiations. On his first unscheduled visit, the Russian politician insinuated it was Kerry’s fault the talks were taking so long.

“I hope before Washington goes to sleep we can get some news,” he told the room of reporters before departing without anything more concrete for them to write home about.

But on his next visit to the basement, a supposed 13 hours after the Russian-U.S. talks had begun, Lavrov returned with a stack of pizza boxes and two bottles of vodka.

“The pizza is from the Americans, the vodka is from us,” Lavrov told the exhausted reporters.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova revealed on Facebook that feeding the journalists had initially been Kerry’s idea. Apparently the pizza was a peace-offering to make up for the nine-hour pause Kerry had called on the talks while he was busy consulting with Washington.

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Zakharova also added that it had been Western journalists who suggested they get some vodka to accompany the pizza. Luckily for the reports, the Russians don’t travel empty-handed. Apparently Lavrov joked that he had a few bottles lying around.

Well, pizza and vodka may not be able to solve an international crisis, but then again, it can’t hurt either!