Natalia Lusinski
July 23, 2017 1:44 pm

As you probably know, we’re all about unicorns and rainbows. Now, Unicorn Froot Loops are here to make your breakfast magical, reported Seventeen. This is ~super exciting news~, since we ~cannot~ get enough unicorn-themed products in our lives. From having unicorn-colored hair and creating DIY unicorn scrunchies to eating unicorn ice cream and making our very own unicorn glitter slime, (which makes a great stress reliever, btw!), we seriously can’t get enough unicorn-themed anything! And can you blame us?!

We know: You’re probably wondering where you can get your hands — erm, mouths — on some Unicorn Froot Loops. Let’s first take a look at the cereal box in all its unicorn glory.

We. Need. These. Right. Now!!

So…the bad news?! Unicorn Froot Loops are only available in Germany at the moment, according to Seventeen, and for a limited time. But, even in Germany, they’re selling out! For instance, at this German Flakes Corner online shop, the Unicorn Froot Loops appear to be out of stock (!). Btw, they were selling for about €6, aka around $7! But worth every rainbow-y bite, we bet!

But — we ~can~ wish for the Unicorn Froot Loops to appear in more countries, right?! After all, unicorns are all about believing in magic and the impossible! Meanwhile, here’s someone enjoying a bowl of Unicorn Froot Loops. Yum!

Tbh, though, we’d settle for just the box, even if it’s empty! But, of course, we hope the Froot Loop gods, i.e., Kellogg’s, somehow make the Unicorn Froot Loops available worldwide! And, as you can see, the Unicorn Froot Loops are different colorful shades of sweet perfection than the Froot Loops we’re used to eating these days.

Right now, the non-unicorn Kellogg’s Froot Loops we know and love look like this, with adorable Toucan Sam on the box.

And, ICYMI, Froot Loops are for a lot more than just eating with milk for breakfast! You can put them on donuts!

And on top of ice cream!

Or, you can put them ~in~ ice cream and have a Froot Loops milkshake!

Okay, all these photos of Froot Loops are making us hungry! Brb as we go grab a box and keep wishing for Unicorn Froot Loops to appear on store shelves near us soon!