If 2016 was the year of galaxy desserts and all things rainbow (like this healthy rainbow pizza), 2017 is heralding in a riff on both: unicorn foods.

Like galaxy cupcakes, they’re shimmery thanks to sprinkles, sparkly candy, or even gold leaf. They’re just as colorful as rainbow bagels, but come in pastel hues. Sometimes they’re shaped like actual unicorns, while other times fluffy ingredients (marshmallows, cotton candy, or frothy foam) stand in for soft unicorn fur. In a word, they’re whimsical.

Here’s a rundown of all of the different variations we’ve spotted.

1The Latte

A Brooklyn-based café is serving up frothy beverages dyed with natural coloring like mineral-rich blue-green algae.

2The Toast

Avocado toast just got served. This homemade creation is smeared with colorful cream cheese and garnished with gold leaf (because why not?). And there’s no food coloring. Beet juice makes pink; turmeric, yellow; chlorophyll, green, and so on.

3The Starbucks Ombre Drinks

Intentionally or not, the new off-menu two-toned drinks (the Matcha Pink Drink and the Pink Purple Drink) totally fit in with the unicorn food trend.

4The Hot Chocolate

You’ll definitely need a spoon.

5The Milkshake

Meet the Unicorn Parade, from New York City-based dessert shop, New Territories. Made from Van Leeuwen ice cream, it’s topped with an ube swirl a twisted marshmallow “horn.”

6The Macaroon

Robin’s egg blue cookies sandwich shimmery sprinkles. To DIY, you can buy these sprinkles on Etsy.

7The Cake

We’ll be requesting this for our next birthday.

8The Donut

Because no one eats a regular glazed anymore.

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This article originally appeared in Real Simple.