The world is full of generous offerings for those of us who want to inject some whimsy into our endless carb cravings. But perhaps one of the most inventive and surreal options are the trendy dim sum unicorn buns you can find in Los Angeles (because, of course).

The latest take on the unicorn food trend looks like it was plucked out of a Lisa Frank design. Unlike many of its sugary unicorn-themed counterparts, the unicorn buns from Momma Fung are filled with savory pork. So you can grab your unicorn bun and eat it too without ODing on sugar.

Just look at how insanely gorgeous these unicorn buns are.

We can’t decide whether we want to eat them or frame them on our wall.

If you live in Cali, be sure to hit up the 626 Night Market in Los Angeles for these mouthwatering technicolor treats.

Yes, we want to drown ourselves in these sauces. And we’re hoping this will usher in a new savory branch of the food world’s unicorn obsession. That way, all of us salt enthusiasts can get in on it.

These are pretty enough to be served at a black tie party.

Hell, we could even see these at a wedding reception.

It’s set, we’ll be dreaming of unicorn pork buns tonight.