Karen Fratti
Updated Aug 21, 2017 @ 3:55 pm

Just when you thought fast food couldn’t deliver any more out-of-control delicious offerings, McDonald’s releases molten hot chocolate pies and changes the entire game. Yes, you read that correctly: molten hot chocolate pies. Seriously, that description leaves nothing to the imagination, and still, we can’t stop daydreaming about what exactly that means.

Say it again with us: Molten. Hot. Chocolate. PIES.

It’s like a little Hot Pocket of sheer joy, and it’s basically everything we ever needed for breakfast. Or a late snack. Or, really, whenever the heck we feel like it. Alas, you’re going to need your passport for this one, much like all the other great stuff Mickey D’s offers all over the world. (That new Sriracha sauce is great and all, but come on.) If you want one of these suckers, you’re going to have to go all the way to South Korea.

It’s OK, we cried a little too when we heard they wouldn’t be at our local spot either. However, if Americans are good at anything, it’s making a lot of ruckus about food, so hopefully someone over in the corporate offices hears our plea: BRING US THE MOLTEN HOT CHOCOLATE PIES. Pretty please.

Why do we get kale and avocados while everyone else gets hot chocolate pies? Is McDonald’s trying to break our spirits?

In case you’re not already drooling, the pie is basically the same thing as the apple pie, but better because there’s no fruit — and it’s under $2. If anything can cheer us up after the living hell that has been this year, it’s this. Let’s take another look at this beauty:

We don’t mean to complain, but non-American McDonald’s locations get all the good stuff. There’s Super Mario toys in HappyMeals in the U.K. and chicken Big Macs in Australia. Life is so unfair. Excuse us while we drool over these babies on Instagram and write our local representatives to see what they can do about this situation.