Bronwyn Isaac
February 28, 2017 3:05 pm

There are few things more universally bonding than cracking opening a bottle of wine and letting loose with a close friend. But what would happen if you shifted this meet-cute situation to a more public context and you found an unopened bottle of wine on the New York subway with a stranger?

Thanks to a heavy dose of serendipity, the overall baseline madness of the New York subway system, and a woman posting photo proof on Twitter, we now know that mystery subway car wine may be one of the keys to instant friendship. Early Sunday morning, around 1 a.m., a Twitter user named Colleen Hagerty witnessed two strangers find an unopened bottle of wine under their subway seats. Naturally, they popped it open for a drink.

This is a way better way to meet your neighbors than waiting for a late train or witnessing a rat.

It looks like they’re into the wine.

After receiving a wave of speculation from the world of Twitter, she clarified that it could have been champagne.

Either way, it got these two men chatting.

Given the picture perfect serendipitous nature, some people wondered if maybe one of the men planted the bottle as a party trick?!

If it was planned, it still worked.

Unsurprisingly, thirsty New Yorkers wanted to know which subway car to check for free booze.

We can only hope this becomes a trend.

Perhaps the moral of the story is that we should become the unopened bottle of wine we want to see in the world.

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Anything for friendship, right?