Sa'iyda Shabazz
July 22, 2017 3:05 pm
Getty Images

A Twitter user by the name Chandler has discovered a new way to use the Kool-Aid Burst bottles. And this is one serious ’90s kid hack. Kool-Aid Bursts, the wax squeeze bottle version of the nostalgic sugary drink, have a twist off top that opens the bottle. And once the top comes off, there’s no saving the drink.

But Chandler discovered that you could actually flip the top and put it back in the hole, thus being able to save your drink for later with no spilling. AKA, they just changed the whole Kool-Aid game. Naturally, Twitter went wild at this revelation, especially because many of us are now adults who wasted many a Kool-Aid Burst over the years!

Chandler’s tweet has gotten way more retweets than he had initially requested. In a thread, he asked for 500 by the end of his shower — but it has now gotten over 23,000 retweets and 45,000 likes. By the looks of it, he has blown people’s minds with his discovery.

Some people said what many of us were thinking: Save your Kool-Aid for later? You mean you didn’t all just drink it in one long gulp? Let’s be honest, they’re not very big and any sugary juice drink normally doesn’t last long.

This person says what everyone else was thinking: where was this information like 20 years ago?

And this twitter user had an equally good plan for the little top, we must admit.

Apparently, not everyone was a fan of the drink. When someone tweeted about their parents never buying them such treats, someone else was quick to tell them they weren’t missing much. (We’re not so sure we agree.)

Naturally, people were curious though, and gave Chandler’s little hack a try themselves. Apparently, Chandler’s hack may be cool, but it’s not exactly as spill-proof as he led us to believe.

Someone else pointed out that if you zoom in on Chandler’s last photo, you can actually see spilled Kool-Aid on the floor. So, maybe it doesn’t really work as well as we’d like to believe, but if for some reason you have some left over, it would be a useful hack for keeping it in the fridge! Thanks, Chandler!