Roommate situations can be complicated. Whether you’re living with your bestie, your one and only, or a stranger you found on the Internet, sharing a home is never simple—unless you’re on TV. Our favorite TV characters make the whole living with another person thing seem, not only bearable, but really fun. Indulge us while we magically transport ourselves into a fantasy world where we get to decide which roommates to live with and all of our candidates are fictional humans (with really amazing, affordable apartments, of course). Here are our top TV roommate candidates:

Rachel and Monica – Friends

Think of the amazing hair-care tips you could get from Rachel—not to mention the discounts from Ralph Lauren. As for Monica, she might drive you a little crazy keeping everything clean, but she’s also a professional chef. That means late-night snacks aplenty! And, hello, you’d be able to borrow clothes from two closets over-stuffed with awesome late ’90s/early 2000s apparel.

Mindy Lahiri – The Mindy Project

Mindy would be the best roommate. You could bond over romantic disasters together, talk about pop culture ’til you’re both blue in the face, and unabashedly binge for hours on guilty pleasure TV. Not to mention, she’s a doctor. So, that means free medical advice and free access to sexy doctors.

Carrie Bradshaw – Sex and the City

With Carrie as a roomie, you’d be living in New York in a rent-controlled apartment. That unto itself is a miracle. Then there’s her wardrobe. You’d have designer clothes coming out the wazoo. Add onto that Carrie’s fantastic group of lady friends you could plug yourself into and you’ve got yourself at the top of the roomie game.

Lucy Ricardo – I Love Lucy

Lucy is sassy, hilarious, and adventurous. She travels all the time and is constantly getting herself into all sorts of zany schemes. And you could pick up tons of Spanish from living with Ricky, too. There might be a little trouble when you try to replace Ethel as her go-to gal, but I say the more the merrier!

Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia – The Golden Girls

Who wouldn’t want to live with the Golden Girls? You get to live in a wonderful house in Florida, have access to all those ridiculous draping, gigantic ’80s fashions, and get all the cheesecake you could eat. And let’s be honest, these gals have far more active social lives than the rest of us. We could learn a thing or two about staying active.

Lorelai and Rory – Gilmore Girls

I’ve always wanted to live in Stars Hollow. I have no idea if that’s what small-town living is like, but I want to be all up in everybody’s business, have an adorable town square complete with a gazebo, and participate in every weird town event possible. Plus, living with Lorelai and Rory would mean dance parties with great music, drinking coffee past the point of sanity, and talking so wittily and fast our heads would explode. With joy.

Jess, Nick, Winston, Coach and Schmidt – New Girl

These guys are worth living with just so I could finally play True American. Jess also rocks a lot of polka dots, which means I would probably get to rock a lot of polka dots, too. They’re lovable scamps and their loft is pretty amazing. Sign me up.

The Granthams – Downton Abbey

Um. You get to live at Downton Abbey. Whether you’re upstairs or downstairs you live at Downton freakin‘ Abbey. Though, come on, we’re all about the upstairs lifestyle. And you would get to experience a slice of that spicy Dowager Countess.

Maggie and Emma – Playing House

Two ladies and a baby may not be everyone’s ideal roommate situation. But think again! These gals are quirky, so very funny, and make amazing besties.

Blair Waldorf – Gossip Girl

You have equal chances to war with Blair or be her BFF if you’re living with her. But who would really care if you’re living in that gorgeous Fifth Avenue palace in the sky? And a chance to wreak havoc on the rich and overly dramatic? Yes, please.

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