They meant well, but General Mills has managed to incur the wrath off cereal lovers everywhere by changing the colors of Trix cereal to noticeably less vibrant hues. One of the main reasons Trix is ranked as one of those amazing kids’ cereals (aside from its awesome “Silly rabbit” tagline) is no longer a factor due to the brand’s decision to remove all artificial colors, flavors and high fructose corn syrup from its cereal recipes by 2017. Despite the health angle, people are not happy about it.

In January, Trix cereal debuted its new look, marking the first time the colors have changed since the cereal was introduced in 1954. But for some reason, the social media uproar is only just getting started.

Several upset cereal eaters have tweeted their complaints about the duller colors of Trix cereal, with reactions ranging from disappointed to flat-out angry.

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The stark difference in color is clearly why Trix is bearing the brunt of the outrage, but General Mills also made the changes to Chocolate Cheerios, Cocoa Puffs, Frosted Cheerios, Fruity Cheerios, Golden Grahams and Reese’s Puffs. In fact, the brand announced that 75 percent of its cereals no longer contain artificial colors or other additives.

While the complaints are understandable (the bright colors of Trix cereal were a major part of their appeal), it’s worth noting that the researchers put in years’ worth of hard work to develop natural colors. Instead of artificial colors, General Mills uses ingredients like spice extracts, fruit and vegetable juice to give its cereal the updated hues.