Trader Joe’s just made our dreams come true with this Birthday Cake Bar

Trader Joe’s, you’ve done it again. By now, we shouldn’t be surprised when this grocery chain blows our minds. But it happens every time Trader Joe’s stock a new product. We scream, “How did you KNOW?!” and fall in love with them all over again. It’s a cycle. And it happened again with their newest sweet treat. Introducing: the Trader Joe’s Birthday Cake Bar.

An Instagram account dedicated to sharing lesser-known Trader Joe’s delicacies drew our attention to the Birthday Cake Bar. Yes, you heard that right. Because why not celebrate your birthday every day? Especially when the packaging is this exciting.

Of course, word quickly spread. The internet agrees: The Birthday Cake Bar is absolutely delicious.

So, what exactly IS the Birthday Cake Bar? Aside from the dessert of our dreams, of course. Is it candy, or more of a snack?

The celebratory treat is a white chocolate candy bar packed with delicious cookie crumbs and sprinkles.

Take a closer look:

It’s official. Trader Joe’s just GETS us. We salute them for not skimping on sprinkles.

The next time you’re craving a little something sweet, head to Trader Joe’s for a Birthday Cake Bar. If you’re feeling especially festive, you can even stick a candle in it.