Credit: Colleen Galvin/Flickr/Creative Commons

Everyone knows the Toblerone chocolate bar: It’s long and comes in perfect bite-size pyramids.

But we just heard from Uproxx that Toblerone changed their iconic shape! And we have one glaring question: WTF?!

It’s safe to say that anyone who agrees that chocolate is the best will have very strong feelings about the brand suddenly changing with no warning. Sure, we like trying new chocolate bars as much as the next person, but Toblerone is an oldie that didn’t need to be messed with!

So what do the new bars look like, you ask?

As you can see they don’t contain as many triangles as before — and supposedly the reason was to lower the weight of their 400g and 170g bars. Understandably, Toblerone enthusiasts are pretty upset.


Speaking to their production costs, here’s what Toblerone said in a statement on Facebook:

Okay, okay. Oh, there’s more!

Whatever…we’re still not happy!

And people on the internet are even looking at the worst-case-scenario.


This sums it up quite nicely:

Well, the silver lining is that the taste of the bars hasn’t changed. So until that happens, Brits will have to settle for an abnormally shaped bar. And if they make it to American shores…well, change can be a good thing.

At least, we’ll keep telling ourselves that.