Kenya Foy
August 24, 2016 12:15 pm
@cottoni_perth /

Just when we thought no one could convince us that there was a more magical dessert than unicorn ice cream, the gods who oversee sweet tooth satisfaction have shown us even more favor in the form of fairy floss ice cream. The name alone makes us want to float up into the clouds, but not before we have a taste of this cotton candy-meets-ice cream concoction.

To keep it all the way real, we’ll take ice cream however it comes, whether it’s dribbling down our chin, in a donut cone, or chilling on top of a banana with whip cream. However, fairy floss ice cream is so damn pretty, we’re afraid we wouldn’t be able to stop staring at the delectable dish long enough to devour it before it melts.


Did someone say Nutella? Sign us up:

Who else is helplessly drooling rn?

We’re here for this magical meeting between popcorn and ice cream:

Her facial expression says it all:

This life-changing dessert discovery has us totally smitten. There’s no way we can ever go back to scooping ice cream out of the carton.