Krista Jensen
December 05, 2016 3:59 pm
Amanda Edwards/WireImage

Hold up, is that Tina Knowles in the booth next to us in Buffalo Wild Wings? Beyonce’s mom posted a video to her instagram this week of her being playfully interrogated about her current location. She casts a look to the side (or it to the sign outside?) as she responds “I’m at Buffalo Wild Wings! Whoa, I’m feelin’ wild — I’m gonna have some wild wings.” The 62-year-old sat across from new husband and actor Richard Lawson, 69, as she flipped the camera to watch him sip on some lemonade. Is this a shoutout to remember to buy her daughter’s Lemonade for Christmas? JK, of course not. Nobody’s waited this long to buy Lemonade.

The couple posted three different videos during their short outing to BWW, proving that they are as giddy about being in love as any new couple with an iPhone. Richard Lawson himself is an accomplished actor; having starred in tons of films (including the classic Poltergeist back in 1982), and father, to fellow actress Bianca Lawson. Tina and Richard met in 2013 and were married this past April. “I was just a good fit and I knew that God sent him,” Tina has said about her new husband, who she’s felt blessed with after her 30+ year marriage to Matthew Knowles ended in divorce.

Watch Tina as she captures her husband looking “ghetto sexy” chewing on a Wild Wings souvenir:

Her giggle at the end says it all. Watch out Kylie and Tyga, there’s a new adorable social media couple about to take over.