Caitlin Flynn
Updated Feb 06, 2017 @ 1:50 pm
Credit: David McNew/Getty Images

For spicy food enthusiasts, Sriacha sauce is hands-down the best condiment out there. From burgers to Bloody Marys, it tastes good on everything — even old standbys like ketchup and mustard can’t compete with that. If you’ve ever wondered what happens before the delicious sauce goes into that rooster bottle, watch this video of how Sriracha gets made from Refinery29.

(Warning: It will make your mouth water and may cause the sudden urge to slather Sriracha onto your food of choice.)

The magic happens in a 650,000 square foot factory in Irwindale, California, and the red jalapeño is the only chili pepper worthy of Sriracha sauce.

Over 21 tons of peppers are delivered daily and, upon their arrival, they are inspected and washed before going into a grinder.

Fun fact — unlike other condiments, Sriracha doesn’t get cooked. Instead, it’s ground into a mash, piped into industrial mixers, and combined with vinegar, salt, and preservatives to form the base.

Next, the base goes to the filling station and pumped into 55 gallon storage barrels. To create the final product, the filling station works in reverse. The chili base is extracted and pumped in a second mixing room to form everyone’s favorite spicy sauce.

The exact recipe for Sriracha remains under lock and key — but the chili base is combined with garlic and sugar to make the final sauce.

Even the bottles are made on site in Irwindale. The factory has a blow mold machine that heats and expands small plastic pre-forms into fully formed bottles. Most importantly, a silk screen is used to create those iconic labels.

Over 20 million bottles are produced per year. The number sounds astoundingly high, but what can we say? People really can’t live without their Sriracha.