We love Taco Bell. Have we been on dates there? Well — yes. (There’s just something so romantic about Nachos BellGrande.) That’s why we’d love to score Taco Bell reservations for their test kitchen in California. It’s definitely an exclusive opportunity — only 32 fast food fans will be granted entrance — which makes the experience even cooler. We’re totally getting Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory vibes here.

Working together with OpenTable, Taco Bell is looking to bring people in for market research. Lucky participants will get to nosh on a five-course dinner of taco creations that we’ve never even heard of before. But, one thing’s definite — they’re bound to be creative and delicious.

Interested in trying to land a spot? We don’t blame you. Reservations will officially open on Cinco de Mayo, and if you’re one of the chosen few, you’ll be dining on May 19th. According to International Business Times, those who reserve must be 21 or older. So, mark your calendars.

Taco Bell has been incredibly innovative these days, both with the new store designs and daring promotions. Also, if you’ve never had a Breakfast Crunchwap, let’s just say you’re missing out.

It’s been rumored that this is just the first of a few dates where the test kitchen will be open. So if you live near Irvine, and consider yourself a chalupa queen, keep your eyes open for more opportunities.