Olivia Harvey
November 14, 2016 2:25 pm
Getty Images / Rodrusoleg

If you love the taste of a fresh yellow Skittle – the zesty crunch of the outside shell paired with the lemony, chewy inside – more power to you. But if you’re like the rest of the nation and crave the reds, purples, greens or oranges in the bag, you’ve probably noticed we’re in the midst of a crisis: Yellow Skittles take up the majority of that iconic red bag. But recently, some Skittle-lovers unearthed the reason why our Skittles bags have been taken over by yellow.

Reddit user Goobz24 proved that the yellow Skittles takeover is in full effect, by posting the photo below. The picture shows the color breakdown of a party-sized Skittles bag.

Reddit users got to work trying to figure out what gives with this unequal representation of color. One user shared an eye-opening video with his fellow investigators. The video is a compilation of B-roll footage from the Wrigley Skittles Factory in Yorkville, IL.

And just like Reddit user Overgoats said, at 1:10 you can see the yellow Skittles have somehow infiltrated all of other candy hoppers.

But what the Skittle Factory’s modus operandi for overdosing each bag with yellow? Why aren’t we seeing an outpouring of red or purple Skittles – the colors people actually enjoy eating? Some Reddit users are offering up their own explanations.

According to PajamaStripes, yellow is a more pleasing and appetizing color.

Frankenchrist00 ponders if yellow is their biggest dye order, and therefore extra yellow dye at the end of the day means extra yellow Skittles.

Will we ever know the whole truth about this mystery? Maybe not. But the important thing is that we are bringing awareness to the problem and telling those in charge that we have had enough!

Skittles CEO, if you’re reading this – enough with the lemon! Bring on the rest of the rainbow!